#1218 Fast Rope Glove
The unique COBRATM glove is the latest addition to the specialised
range of tactical firearms/intervention gloves manufactured in the UK
and certified to the latest European Standards for Personal Protective
Equipment. Using the latest materials and technology and combining
high levels of protection with comfort and dexterity, the COBRATM glove
is on duty with the police firearms, anti-terrorist units and special forces
worldwide (also Finland). 

Fabric Outer: Specially-formulated waterproof and abrasionresistant coated KEVLAR® fabric. 
Double layer on palm.
Lining Material: Flame-resistant NOMEX® III knitted fabric    
Trigger finger: Tactile water-resistant cowhide (mad?).
Thickness 0.65 - 0.85 mm.
Palm and Thumb reinforcement: Heat and water-resistant cowhide.

Thickness 0.65 - 0.85 mm (V2360 COBRATM PLUS only).
Wrist Strap: Adjustable ladder-lock strap fastening on back of hand.
Overall length: 27 cm. Other lengths available.
Size Range: 7 - 12
Quality Control System: BS EN ISO 9001

Model Range
#V2356 Standard COBRATM with unlined leather trigger finger for optimum weapon handling.
#V2357 Full COBRATM. As #V2356, but without leather trigger finger for additional grip and protection for rappelling.
#V2360 COBRATM PLUS. As #V2356, but with suede leather palm and thumb reinforcement for additional grip and
   protection for FAST ROPING  

Performance Levels

Performance levels relate to the palm area of models V2356 and V2357. Additional protection against all
mechanical risks (untested) will be afforded by leather palm and thumb reinforcement on model V2360.

ABRASION RESISTANCE: 4 maximum obtainable EN 388: 1994
TEAR RESISTANCE: 4 maximum obtainable EN 388: 1994
PUNCTURE RESISTANCE: 4 maximum obtainable EN 388: 1994
pH: Min 3.5   Max 9.5 EN 420: 1994
CHROMIUM VI CONTENT: Max 2ppm EN 420: 1994

Standard COBRA® Firearm glove (V2356)

  • EN388: 1994
  • Sizes: 7-12
  • NSNs:
    • 8415-99-687-5801 (size 8)
    • 8415-99-126-9495 (size 9)
    • 8415-99-344-8298 (size 10)
    • 8415-99-842-8022 (size 11)
    • 8415-99-355-4089 (size 12)

COBRA® Plus (V2360) - for rappelling / fast-roping

  • EN388: 1994
  • Sizes 7-12
  • NSN:
    • 8415-99-225-7767 (size 9)
    • 8415-99-928-3318 (size 10)
    • 8415-99-447-0271 (size 11)