Heavy Duty Entry Tools

                       For Police, Military and Fire Departments



The Steel Cobra is the world's fastest entry tool for reinforced steel doors that
open outwards. This tool will open a security door in less than 10 seconds and
experienced operators have made sub 5 seconds entries. And remember a
security door is meant to withstand over 10 minutes of heavy abuse with tools
like crowbars and sledgehammers. Lengths 70 and 87 cm.

The purpose of the Twin Cobra
is to handle ourwards opening wooden doors.
Average operating time is 5 seconds. The wide bite of the double-edged tool
ensures that even a wooden door of bad quality is kept together until it is forced
open. When using standard tools like crowbars or hooligan tools the door tend
to break partially but with the lock still holding the door. Lengths 70 and 87 cm.


The Cobra Ram gives you the extra power working with heavily reinforced doors,
or when simply forcing all sorts of doors open without any trouble. Instead of
using sledge, use the Cobra Ram to bite extra deep and precise. The Cobra
is filled with sand to subdue the bouncing effect. If you need a heavier ram
we have an option of steelpellets instead of sand.

You can also use the Cobra Ram with heavy steel chain to pull bars or padlocks.
Our chain withstand a pressure of 14 tons (optional). Weight 16,5 kg, length 65 cm.

The Baby Cobra Ram gives you all the power you need in a small package.
Slim and versatile, it's perfect for low profile work. Weight 9,5 kg
Length 25 cm, width 16 cm, height 20 cm.


The COBRA SLEDGEHAMMER gives you that extra power without
taking too much space. Length 75 cm, weight 4 kg.


The tactical COBRA CROWBAR tailormade for breaking heavily reinforced
doors. Meeting to Eurostandard class MK3 or less. The Cobra Crow is at
least 30% stronger compared to commercially available crowbars.
Lengths 70 and 87 cm.

                                   Tactic Edge Bender
To unfold the cover plate on the gap between the door and door
frame. Easy to use on niche mounted doors.


The rubber COBRA WEDGE for tactical needs. Used by tactical units and
fire departments. Fits nearly every door. Different applications. Pocket size.

                                                 Brake& Rake

Length 142 cm