Fast Rope / FRIES training is available (anywhere).
                     Please contact for details:

                                  Olli Salo
                       GSM +358-400-427907

                                                    Some considerations:

                                                       Always use helmet
                                 Gloves have to have an excellent insulation
                         Too much equipment can make the fast rope FAST!      
                   Depending on the helicopter your equipment can get tangled
                            You have to know the effect of your equipment (weight) 
                         Upon landing immediately move away from the rope
                                Boots with
lacing studs can kill you - they have!
                                 Don't let your hands slide too much upwards
                   It's called FAST because the idea is go down as fast as possible
          But it's nice if you actually remember to break - you can also use proper boots
                            When using the FRIES, elongation can be up to 50%
                Frozen/worn out  rope can be really FAST - you have to know the effect

                 If you can run on the ground with healthy legs - mission accomplished!