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Tactical Ladder
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ResQmaxTM Tactical Ladder

Length: 18,39 m (60')
Ladder Rungs: 227 kg (500 lbs)
Colour: Black

This Tactical Ladder features rubber rungs

for a sure grip under all conditions.

The molded rungs are stiff enough for easy
insertion of the foot and greater comfort of
the hand and foot. They are quieter than
rungs made of wood or aluminium and
this light but strong design allows a greater
deployment range. Designed for a single
person load

Can be deployed with ResQmax line-thrower.
Patented air-trust is technology is non-pyrotechic,
re-usable and safe.

         -Totally portable
         -Easily extended
         -Light weight only 12kilos
         -Extended to 3.6 meters
         -Closed length 1 meter
         -One person operation
         -Positive automatic locking
         -Instant variety of length
         -Matt black
         -Top protected -don't scrap e.g. the aeroplane
         -NSN #5440-99-563-6114

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Many special forces have a need for a compact lightweight
ladder that is easy to fix in to place and use in operational
conditions. Manufacturer has worked closely with the military
to create a ladder that is specially suited to intervention, such
as cliff storming or ship access.

These ladders are designed to be used in water and especilally
in sea water, so they have to be corrosion resistant. For this we
hard anonized the rungs in black matt after all the maching has
been done to totally seal the alloy. The rungs are made out of
12.5mm diameter hard alloy tube and have a rung width of 150mm,
which is just wide enough to accept a large boot. Rungs cannot be
many any wider without reduction in strength. The variation are in
the different side materials.

Sides are of 316 grade stainless steel wire rope with options of
4mm plain wire or 3mm with a black plastic coatong if a complete
black ladder is required. The black plastic coated wire version is
not strong enough for "storming" as the breaking load of the wire is
only 600kg. Most people use the 4mm stainless steel wire version
which has a breaking load of 1000kg, and they PVC tape the wires to make them black and silent.
Ladder rung spacing can be either 25cm for people carrying heavy loads, or 30mm for speed of
use, and slight weight saving.

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