Removable Ballistic Protection

  For the Finnish Navy Finnrappel Oy developed Lifejacket with Removable Ballistic Protection.
The construction is unique
due to use of the patented Hokka Lifejacket and Ballistic panels.
Hokka Lifejacket is made of small polystyrene balls offering a superb comfortability and flexibility in use.
The blunt trauma
of the fragment impacts is absorbed very effectively by the buoyancy material.
You'll stay alive
as long as the panels aren't penetrated by the fragments or bullets.
If the wearer is thrown out to the water unconscious the Lifejacket turns the face automatically upwards.
You can safely jump from the ship to the water - also in real life!

If Kevlar® panels are used they're covered with special breathable and waterproof material unaffected by the
salt water. We can use all the latest ballistic panels: Dyneema
®, Spectra®, Twaron® etc.

We call the Lifejacket package a system, because with the use of the outer cover the panels can also be worn
as a standard Bulletproof Vest
+ you can actually swim with them or stand in the rain for hours without decreasing
the level of the protection. There is no need to acquire two separate systems, only two different covers. In addition
to that upgrade and replacement of every part is very simple.

Ballistic element (Kevlar®):                                     Lifejacket:
IIA    .357 Mag.             380m/s                               -Positive buoyancy: 7-11kg
II        9mm                   360m/s                               -Material: Polystyrene balls + Nomex®
IIIA    .44 Mag               425m/s                               -Sizes: Small - XXLarge
IIIA+    Pistol TT 7.62    460m/s                                -Colors: Green, Blue, Black, Camouflage
Tested according to NIJ-STD-0101-03 and                -Total weight with Panels 2,5-7kg
submitted to quality control to ISO-9000

The Ballistic Protection was developed to save lives of highly trained warriors in a case Russian projectile hits the ship.
Due to the adaptability and versatility of the system it is very well suited also to other professionals e.g. Special Forces,
Police Officers, Coast Guard: Anybody needing a very comfortable protection system!  

-Every Lifejacket is now made out of Nomex® making the Lifejacket also fireresistant. 
-Optional Removable Ballistic Protection for groin, shoulder and collar.
-Lifejackets can be tailored according to the specific requirements e.g. Molle-System.

                                       Brochure and VIDEO (VHS PAL) available upon request


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