Marlow KevlarTM /TwaronTM and TechnoraTM Abeil / Rappelling Rope

These ropes are Aramids that decompose at temperatures of 500 °C. They are used instead of Polyester in the
cover construction for situations where extreme heat resistance is required. They should be used in situations
requiring very rapid descents, where heat generated by friction can melt standard ropes.

They are also ideal for emergency escape systems where their heat resistance protects from fire.  
The Kevlar
TM ropes retain the natural yellow appearance of the KevlarTM yarn.
The Technora
TM yarn used in these ropes has a special black finish to satisfying Special Forces requirements.
All other aspects of the construction and performance of these ropes are the same as the
Polyester Abseil Rope.

Materiaali / Material: Aramid Yellow, Technora Black    
Läpimitta / Diameter: 11mm       
Lujuus / STrength: 3988               
Kuorma Max / Max. Load: 250 kg 
Käyttölämpötila / Usage: -70oC – 500oC
Katkeaa tulessa / Fire Resistant: 1 min. / 1047 kg
Väri / Colour: Keltainen tai musta / Yellow or Black
Paino / Weight: (kg/100m) 9,41 (±.9%)

4020-99-301-9098 (Yellow 200m coil)

11mm Polyester



MR 10-81

NSN 4020-99-543-9005 (Black 61m coil)


NSN 4020-99-789-3539 (Black 220m coil)


NSN 4020-99-545-7741 (White 61m coil)