MeetingGuard can be used to give real-time protection to meeting rooms, boardrooms etc. against the threat
posed by radio eavesdropping devices.

The MeetingGuard is a fully configured realtime radio eavesdropping detection system built around the successful
RoomGuard sensor.

Having first swept the meeting room for eavesdropping devices, using for example, Detect IV, the MeetingGuard
can then be enabled to ensure that no radio eavesdropping devices are activated during the meeting.

The portable nature of MeetingGuard means that if meeting locations change your level of protection can remain
the same.

The MeetingGuard system is available in two main variants;

A fully portable solution comprising a RoomGuard sensor, a semi-ruggedised laptop and power supplies housed
in a smart briefcase, this system is hand portable and can be rapidly deployed and operated from within the case.

A semi-deployable solution comprising a RoomGuard sensor, a semi-ruggedised laptop, power supplies, RoomGuard
sensor tripod and system carrying case, using this system the RoomGuard sensor can be monitored from outside the
sensitive area.