Batlskin Viper Head IIIA Protection System

The ultimate protection from trauma - blunt force, blast and ballistic. In a scalable, lightweight package that's
fully modular and fully integrated. So you can tailor the system to the mission for peak performance

Meets stringent quality standards, this helmet exceeds U.S. Army specifications for Blunt impact,
Blast fragmentation, and Ballistic threats

The Viper head protection system couples high performance materials with innovative design, delivering
advanced protection from blunt force, blast and ballistic threats.

Designed as a comprehensive system, each Batlskin component seamlessly integrates with the next for a
team of equipment that delivers peak performance.

Wear system components in any combination to achieve the ideal balance between protection and lethality

Purposefully designed and field tested to operate with various in-service equipment from NVGs to communications
gear and weapons sights

The Viper P2 polyethylene shell is designed, engineered and manufactured to minimize weight while maximizing
performance using the latest materials and innovative processes.

Viper Mandible Guard IIIA

Offering lightweight blunt force protection for lower jaw in a durable, low-profile design. Mandible Guards attach to the
Batlskin Viper Front Mount, minimizing training while enabling rapid attachment and removal of the system.

Close fit design for maximum situational awareness; enough stand off to accommodate communications headsets

Ergonomic fix-rotate system allows for the rapid attachment and removal of the mandible guard

Weight (including attachment straps and hardware): 470 g (17 oz)
BALLISTIC PERFORMANCE: V50 exceeds 671 m/s (2,200 fps) using a 1.1 g (17 grain) FSP, mandible protects
 against 9mm FMJ threats at 1400 ft/s (427 m/s)
IMPACT PERFORMANCE: Systems able to withstand over 70 joules of impact with no damage