Fast Rope / FRIES Terminations

                 Multilift Termination (M.F.T.): 45mm machined eye
                            BS EN ISO 2001: 2000 EN10204

NATO Stock Number 4020-99-277-6212   12,2m Fast Rope with M.F.T.

NATO Stock Number 4020-99-338-4843   15,2m Fast Rope with M.F.T.
NATO Stock Number 4020-99-297-6895   18,3m Fast Rope with M.F.T.
NATO Stock Number 4020-99-159-1677   27,4m Fast Rope with M.F.T.

   Dynalite Termination (D.L.T)                      Soft Eye

         High-Tech Hardware                            Modified

The new Dynalite Termination (D.L.T) is a 12 strand construction rope manufactured from H.M.P.E.
Dyneema and spliced through the end of the rope.

It offers a very light weight option which can be attached to most hoists.

In case of rapid deployment of troops it is also possible to detach the rope without the risk of injury to the
personnel below or damage to the ship decks.

The weight and construction of the termination enables repeat usage (a close visual inspection of the
termination is recommended before each use) as it is unlikely that the termination (and some people!)
will suffer on landing.

Minimum strength 3500kg.
Terminations Weight Height Width Attachment Method
Spliced Eye (S.E) 0.80 Kg 250mm 130mm 250mm soft eye
Standard Conical Termination (S.C.T) 2.5 Kg 224mm 76mm 25mm bolt and split pin
Multifit Termination (M.F.T) 1.79 Kg 248mm 76mm 45mm machined eye
Dynalite Termination (D.L.T) 0.009 Kg Tailored 52mm Tailored