The B&T IMPULS II-A Pistol Silencer concept was developed based on the requirements of police and
military forces who require a silenced handgun that function as reliable with the silencer as without.
The B&T IMPULS II-A Pistol Recoil Improvement System is designed for the use on all Pistols using the
"Browning" type barrel locking system. The design of the IMPULS II-A System permits easy cleaning of
the recoil Module without disassembling the silencer. Additionally, the impact of the bullet can be adjusted
be the setting of the Impuls Module to compensate the eventual drop of subsonic ammunition used.
Using a wet charge such as water or other cooling liquid, the sound reduction can be improved for
additional 10 dB A. The IMPULS II-A Silencer is intended for mounting on a threaded barrel, which
can be supplied by Brugger& thomet.

Caliber 9mm Model
Caliber .40 / 10 mm Model
Caliber .45 Model

Weight: 294 g
Length: 199 mm
Diameter: 35 mm
Suppression: 33+ dB A

In service with various Special Forces and Police units
With Glock 17 + M3 Light
With Glock 17 + Glock Light