Delta V

In areas of high RF activity, such as big cities, interference can make it difficult to pinpoint local active
RF transmitters. When time is short nd high-level emergency or external meetings are required it is
essential to be able to quickly and easily locate active radio eavesdropping devices.

Delta V is a handheld differential RF field-strength wide band detector. Rather than measuring the
absolute field strength, Delta V measures the rate of change in field strength. Ideal for use in areas
with high RF activity, this technique provides a high degree of rejection of strong distant signal sources,
providing greater discrimination against outside signals. The result is accurate location of active radio
listening devices, wherever the meeting.

A Push Button is provided to reduce the sensitivity of Delta V whilst working close to a local transmitter.
This prevents a maximum response occurring too far from a transmitter to locate the source accurately.

Portable, quick and simple to use, Delta V is the ideal tool for quick location of active listening devices.

                                                  Delta V - User Benefits

-Measures the rate of change in field-strength, allowing active transmitters to be easily identified in areas
 with high RF activity
-Push-button sensitivity reduction to allow more accurate pinpointing of active transmitters
-Easy to operate for non-technical users
-Silent Operation option so that detection can be as discreet as the user chooses
-Highly versatile, ideal for locating radio bugs, basic RFI/EMC testing and localising illegal high-power
 broadcast transmitters