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Viper IIIA Helmet
02.08.2011– Essex Junction, VT, USA – Based on soldier trials, technical compliance and best value pricing, Revision,
leading developer of protective eyewear for militaries worldwide, has secured a UK Ministry of Defence contract for
Protective Combat Eyewear. Following tender evaluation and user trials, Revision was selected for providing the best
value and for being the most technically compliant bidder. The estimated contract value is £3.4 million to provide the
UK MoD with Revision’s Sawfly® Military Eyewear System and Bullet Ant® Goggles.

        SawFly                   SawFly Deluxe              Bullet Ant                Desert Locust          Desert Locust FAN 

    Ballistic Sunglass             Silmälasivahvuudet                Tarvikkeet                               Vipertail   

                                    Lasersuojalasit               Batleskin Helmet                          Exoshield